RAM 1500

Eats utes for breakfast

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Welcome to Peter Stevens RAM

Proven Power - Impressive Performance - Monster Torque

These legendary American trucks have it all, now they are available in Ballarat.

From hauling your boat or trailer, to working your property or managing a business, these workhorses are designed to deliver across the board and at Peter Stevens Motorworld we are thrilled to be part of The RAM Legend.

Designed to master every job out there, we believe that you really have to experience a RAM Truck to appreciate just how much they stand out from the rest of the class.

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The New Ram 1500
Laramie 2500
Laramie 3500

The RAM 1500 is the only full size, American made Pickup Truck that goes beyond anything most premium mid-size utes can deliver. If you want to tow more, carry more, move more, see more, and enjoy more, the RAM 1500 Pickup Truck provides a vastly superior solution to ute buyers.

Available in both Laramie and Express models the new RAM 1500 is a true game changer.

With a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine rated at 276kw of power and 1084Nm of torque the RAM 2500 delivers uncompromising strength for towing and hauling.

Defined by capability, with standards that allow zero tolerance for compromise or for convention the RAM 2500 provides phenomenal ride quality, impeccable road manners and unrivalled control.

The RAM 3500 has it all ; all the specifications and features of the RAM 2500 with even greater emphasis on ultra-heavy duty usage.

With an increase of payload* from 913kg on the 2500 to 1.713kg on the RAM 3500 one thing is clear, RAM Trucks do what heavy trucks should.